Our Project in a nutshell

At Natsir’s place locals and visitors from all over the world are in constant exchange with each other. This exchange helps to strengthen Natsir’s vision of a “Learning-Sharing-Empowering” mentality for his community and its environment.

Natsir’s Vision

Natsir’s and the villagers’ vision is to develop a sustainable community by establishing a Community Based Tourism in their village. A community where its locals, tourists and nature exists together in harmony.


A part of his vision includes the visitors developing a deeper understanding of the local culture and its environment. At the same time, the local families can benefit financially and broaden their knowledge in the tourism sector. The principle “helping the community to help oneself” is applied here.


Natsir is very dedicated to equip the local school children with the tools they’ll need to lead happy and successful lives. He believes enabling those children will make them carry on the project in the future.

The activities we offer

On Natsir’s property you can partake in several exciting cultural activities to get inspired yourself and create beautiful memories and things to take home with.


Below, you can watch a video on how to produce your own sustainably produced and delicious chocolate from scratch.

Sustainable Work

10 years ago, Natsir built «Natsirs Eco-School» from local materials himself which eventually grew to three school buildings and a library up until today. Together with volunteers from all over the world, he has made it his mission to teach the local children English for free and empower them to be confident and act sustainable. The money you contribute during your stay flows directly into the school’s continuous upkeeping.


In the last 20 years, Natsir turned his bare stony hill into an organic permaculture. It serves as the perfect place to learn how to organically grow and harvest tropical fruit, veggies, roots, herbs in all varieties to provide one’s own food and medical cure.


«Natsirs Eco-School» is constantly developing new projects together with the local families to sustain the surrounding nature. There are weekly gatherings where the community cleans the area together, for example gather plastic and waste and bring it to the recycling center. With your help, Natsir is able to constantly upgrade his projects on how to recycle plastic.

Chocolate Production

Natsir found a creative way to produce organic chocolate, producing no waste and only using ingredients from his garden. You can decide if you want to be involved in the whole procedure like harvesting the cacao plants or only be a part of the chocolate production itself.

Torajan Tours

The advanced English class of «Natsirs Eco-School» and sometimes even Natsir himself, can take you on a day tour where you can visit Torajan’s most beautiful attractions and firsthand experience the local culture.


Furthermore, hiking tours are offered in order for you to experience the beautiful area and nature of Toraja yourself.

Cooking classes

Natsir’s wife Diana is a wonderful chef and can give you cooking classes on how to prepare traditional Torajan meals or simply teach you how to easily create delicious food with simple ingredients.

Coffee Production

With the coffee beans of Natsir you can learn the difference between the various bean types and how to care and harvest them. With his beans you can further produce your own coffee.

Coconutoil Production

With the coconuts of Natsir’s neighbour’ you can learn how to adequately prepare a coconut and generate that delicious smelling coconut oil that they can then be used for hair care, skin care, healthcare or cooking.

Your visit

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