An unforgettable experience

An unforgettable experience

We stayed more than 3 weeks and it was an unforgettable experience.

My experience at Natsir’s place was about to be my first “Workaway” experience. For once, I wanted my summer break to be a human experience more than traditionnal touristic holidays. I had Sulawesi in mind, I wanted to help in cocoa production and eduction projects. Natsir’s place seemed to give the opportunity to do both. I got very good feedbacks from Michaela, an australian girl I contacted, who had stayed several months at Natsir’s. I convinced my friend Camille to come with me. We stayed more than 3 weeks and it was an unforgettable experience.

We lived with the family, who hosted also 3 young Indonesian people : 2 girls willing to become teachers, one sweet boy Wisnu. We had fascinating discussions with Natsir who is very sensitive, very smart and open-minded. He told us about Torajan customs, which he looked at with a critical eye, he took us on walks during the weekends and taught us about fruits, vegetables, rice fields…He taught us into making coffee, chocolate…


One day I was sick and Natsir took care of me, bringing me all day long an herbal tea of his own (everything coming from his garden) to get me back on my feet ! This is how caring he is ! Every day we ate the very good meals his wife Diana prepared for the family (from food coming from the garden), and drank the coffee we had made ! In the morning we would take care of the garden, and in the afternoon we would teach the children of the village English. As no language gathered us, we had to make drawings, sing entertaining songs, play games…


It was so hard to leave the kids after days of interacting with them every day, especially the girls living the house next to Natsir’s : smart and charming Nisa, cute little Fio and curious Pitra. I also got the chance to meet wonderful volunteers : Jaome & Sara, Rory & Julie. I am still in touch with Julie, who set up an incredible project of earrings she makes herself with japanese papers. Part of the benefits goes to Nisa in order for her to study when she is older. I came back to France very moved by this experience, I kept telling myself I would go back one day. I keep in touch with Natsir thanks to Whatsapp. I receive photos of what he harvests from the garden, what the new infrastructures look like. Next February (2020) I will be back there 🙂

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