Do I need COVID-19 insurance to travel abroad?

Do I need COVID-19 insurance to travel abroad?

Many Ukrainians want to discover new places for themselves, get to work or visit loved ones outside of Ukraine. Due to the pandemic, most countries have closed their borders and restricted the entry of foreigners. And yet – some are open to travelers.

Before going abroad, you can familiarize yourself with the epidemiological situation and the conditions of entry of Ukrainian citizens into a particular country in order to plan a trip more safely and understand what kind of travel insurance to take out before leaving. In addition, now you can buy travel insurance online in a few minutes without leaving your home.

As of January 15, 2021, Ukrainians can enter 83 countries of the world . Partial entry to the EU is possible for diplomats and Ukrainians with work visas or residence permits. The list of countries is constantly updated, so you can always find up-to-date information on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Medical insurance from COVID-19 is not yet required everywhere, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine recommends that all travelers apply for a travel policy with COVID-19 coverage in case of infection with the virus abroad. To enter Turkey and Egypt (which on the IC Misto website we refer to the territory of Europe), as well as to Albania, Maldives, Mexico and Thailand, travel insurance with coronavirus coverage is required. Therefore, we recommend that you take care of yourself in advance and apply for a medical policy online on our website . It’s fast, convenient and safe.

The insurance company “Misto” was the first in Ukraine to provide its citizens and foreigners with medical policies covering the coronavirus disease COVID-19 abroad and within our state.

Today, a travel insurance contract for traveling abroad provides for coverage of medical and transport costs, as well as additional options: compensation for communication costs, legal assistance, visits from relatives and many others. In addition, travel insurance, if required, can cover COVID-19 diseases abroad. Each traveler chooses this option at will (taking into account the situation in the country he is traveling to).

Travel insurance with COVID-19 is issued online, and the electronic contract is sent to the client instantly by email and appears in the personal account on the website. When traveling to Europe for 8 days, online travel insurance costs from 174 UAH with a total coverage of 30 thousand euros. Note that there is no franchise for travel insurance from IC “Misto” for traveling abroad.

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