What does sustainable traveling mean exactly?
When traveling sustainable you support


Conserving the natural environment


Supporting cultural projects


Supporting local businesses
Tips on how to travel sustainable
  • Look for sustainable tour operators
  • Avoid mass tourist destinations by visiting off-season
  • or by exploring places off the beaten track
  • For long trips we often have no choice but to fly there, however, try to take a direct flight
  • Alternatively, travel ecofriendly and take a bus, ferry or train
  • Conserve water and reduce energy consumption
  • Avoid plastic and throw away your trash
  • Hike on the marked trails
  • Don’t feed or touch wildlife
  • Don’t buy wildlife products
  • Best way of supporting the local culture is to join a Community Based Tourist Destination
  • Learn about the local customs and their traditions and respect them
  • Learn a few words of their language
  • Ask for permission before you photograph the locals
  • Don’t give money to children begging on the streets, instead donate money to a local charity or school
  • Stay in locally owned and preferably small accommodations
  • Otherwise, check for green certificates at hotels and hostels
  • Eat at local restaurants
  • Buy locally made products
  • For example, fruits and veggies from street stalls
  • And souvenirs from local craftsmen
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